Girls Just Wanna Have Lush: part 1

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I love that Lush has so many unique products, in their texture, scents, consistencies etc. There is always something for everyone. You always want to try out all the shampoos, scrubs, jelly masks, normal masks, jelly shower gels, antiperspirant powder instead of a usual deodorant and lots of other lovely products.

So today we are going to talk about some of the new arrivals: the carrot shower gel «Wash behind your ears», body scrub «Rub, rub, rub», and body conditioner «Ro’s argan body conditioner».

sayt lush 1

The carrot shower gel «Wash behind your ears» usually arrives in the Lush shops around Easter. It is definitely a really awesome gel. Its very orange like fresh carrots, same as the scent. This was one of the first reasons why I really liked it. You don’t need much of the product, like any other Lush products. The downside though, I was hoping the scent of fresh carrots would stick around, but it was gone by the time I cam out of the shower. My skin was so soft after, I definitely recommend «Wash behind your ears».

sayt 3 lush

Next one on the list is the body scrub/gel «Rub, rub, rub». The scrub is deep blue in colour and has a floral scent. Some of the ingredients include, sea salt and different oils. When using this product you don’t need any other shower gels because it is a 2in1 in that sense and perfectly cleanses your skin. I personally apply the scrub to dry skin once in two-three weeks. My skin is very sensitive, and although this scrub has sea salt in it, it doesn’t damage or irritate my skin, like some other scrubs I have used in the past. My skin instantly becomes so smooth and soft, you will not stop touching yourself. Just don’t use «Rub, Rub, Rub» on your face.

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Ro’s argan body conditioner. I have never used anything like this before. This product has to be applied to your skin after a normal shower gel, but instead of a lotion or body butter after the shower. The body conditioner does have a strong smell, although it does diffuse with time, its not for everyone. So do give it a smell before you buy. Most of the ingredients consist of different oils, which make your skin so smooth.

sayt lush2

Let me know about the Lush products that you have tried, and whether you were happy with them? To share in the comments below. XOXO

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