Handbags Speak Louder Than Words

It doesn’t matter what size the bag is, girls will always fill it with all the essentials they would need.
What kind of stuff is it? I am sure it’s too personal, but there is something common between every women’s bag. So let’s talk about what I carry in my bag:

  • Purse, keys, Oyster card and ID. I don’t think these choices have to be explained.
  • Perfume. I would say it’s a weakness of mine, many of you may not carry it around, but it is very important to me to refresh my fragrance throughout the day. Also doesn’t it feel great to smell your favourite scent on yourself again and again.
  • Women’s sanitary products, not going to expand on this, but we all carry those.
  • Mascara, eyeliner and of course lipstick.
  • Moisturiser.
  • Phone charger, and a book.

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